Surface pattern designer

Hi! My name is Virpi Karjalainen and I design prints and patterns for all surfaces. Welcome to my world of aesthetics!

My style is very 1980’s: bold, colourful and optimistic. I combine romance with rock and pastels with punk. Sometimes I wear the black and white attitude, then go back to pretty in pink. I always like to add a glint of humour to the mix.

I use different techniques, doing the initial sketches with black ink or watercolours and pastels and then working with the computer to add effects and layers.

I like to be surrounded by vibrant colours but it’s nice sometimes to work on something more graphic, black and white.

I’m familiar with the traditional methods of screen printing but I’m fascinated by digital printing and all the new opportunities it creates. The surface pattern designs that I create work just as well on paper products and on textiles, on fashion clothing and in interiors. I’d love to collaborate with global fashion retail brands and wallpaper¬†manufacturers and see all the lovely stuff we could create together! All my work is available for licensing.


Below you can see my latest work. Have fun!